Cafés are many more places for people to grab a drink and a snack. In many situations, they are the hub of their community and places where people can meet and socialize. As more and more cafés start to open late into the evening, many are beginning to compete with pubs and bars to become destinations that people plan to visit. This means that the clothes people wear when they go to cafés are gradually starting to shift. During the day, people working remotely on their laptops or quickly catching up with a friend may choose the type of leisurewear offered by and other similar sites. In the evening, though, a different type of attire is called for, and many more people choose formal options.

This extension of café trading hours also means that more are obtaining alcohol licenses and starting to serve full meals, or at least hot light bites. This has brought them into greater competition with bars and restaurants. The main advantages that cafés have over these competitors are that they can trade all day and that they tend to build up a very loyal following of regular customers, Esther than being reliant on people who will only visit very occasionally.